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MW Scissors

Grooming Scissors for Professionals

May Wong launched her master grooming scissors that are suitable for professional pet stylists and show handlers for the show ring. May is absolutly confident her scissors can be used for a long durable time due to the strong quality materials composition.  The scissors are produced with blade in the shape and size that award winnning groomers prefer as well as suitable cutting force and comfortable handle grip.  MW scissors grooming are produced with high quality at affordatable prices.

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Excellent cutting scissors / Exquisite

quality scissors

Handmade high quality pet grooming scissors for  professional pet stylists



Ergonomic handle design

One of the causes of carpel tunnel, a common health issue face by pet stylist is due to using the wrong grooming tools.  MW scissors are designed with ergonomic handles for comfort. A great pair of ergonomic scissors will also provide a much better grip, reduces hand fatigue and provide extensive use.

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Produced high quality materials & high technique

The scissors are produced with high quality steel from Japan-AICHI 440C through meticulous handwork of the master craftsman of South Korea .  When you use the scissors, you will feel that it is smooth and the durability will be long lasting.  When scissoring, you can perform smooth cut techniques without any hitching.  

We use Japanese Aichi Steels 440C raw materials directly imported from Japan with Hardness (HRC) over 59


Tension adjustment screw

The tension of the scissor can be controlled through tightening and adjusting the screw (screw hole) The tension can be set to suit an individual, and since it is detachable, it is easy to clean and manage. High quality casting ornament is fixed on the pivot part, making it more luxurious.

The Range

01 Straight Scissors

Outstanding cutting scissor

The durability is outstanding due to precise manufacturing process, and exquisite cuts are possible because when using the scissor, the transmission of the strength is consistent, causing no slipping or folding phenomenon

02 Curve Scissors

Smooth curvy cutting scissor

straight 5.png

The curves scissors are reversible for comfort and precision cutting.  Perfect for shaping the topknots, round faces and legs.

03 Blenders / Thinning Scissors

Exquisite thinning scissors 

Blenders, works similarly to thinning scissors, makes styling and detailing work easier.  The sessation edges are perfect for natural look styling and for blending without making the hair looks choppy.

04 Chunkers

Great for rapid shaping 

The 21T chukers is ideal for cutting excess hair or shapping the coat in the desire angulations.  Convex edge blade system with hollow ground to provide great cutting and scissor run

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curved blade 1.png
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MW scissors is owned by May Wong. May has been grooming for over 15 years.  Over the years, May was constantly asked, what type of scissors she uses and recommends. Therefore, May has chosen to work with her Korean partner,  a highly reputable manufacturer and deeply involved in the art of scissors making.


Our Motto is Made For Quality

Made - Based on her 15 years grooming experience, May forward her ideas and own specifications to her Korean partner to make outstanding grooming scissors with precise measurements, designs and quality. Each scissor is carefully checked and verified by her to ensure the best scissor is Made for our Pet Stylists  

For  - MW scissors are designed and handmade specially FOR our Pet Stylists and Show Handlers

Quality - May only want to use the Best QUALITY raw materials for her scissors and she knows the BEST and of high Quality have to come from the best raw materials, nowhere other than Japan. All our high end scissors are made from the Authentic Japanese Achi Steel.  We gurantee it with the materials used and name of the origin place made clearly engraved on the scissors. 

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The VG Series and Aichi Series scissors are made with Japanese Premium steel - Aichi Techno Metal and Fukami 440C steel respectively. The Premium Series scissors utilises ergonomic handles and a Convex blade, making it ideal for smooth precision cuts. Both are available from 6.25 inch for right hand curves. The scissors are easily cleaned and built for longevity, suitable for both intermediates and experienced groomers.

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