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Facebook Group

This is the page of our Facebook tutorial groups. Once you have completed your registration/payment, please send request to join to the group you subscribed.  

Grooming Series (GS)

GS1 - Teddy Face for Drop Coat

GS2 - Teddy Face for Poodles & Oodles

GS3 - Back to Basics

GS4 - Body and Legs 

GS5 - Bichon Heads

GS6 - Mushroom Heads

GS7 - Hand Stripping the Wire Coat

GS8 - Poodle Modern Trim 

 GS9 - Figure 8 Trim

GS10 - Teddy Face on Shih Tzus 

GS11 - Teddy Face on Cavoodles 

GS12 - Grooming the Spaniels 

GS13 - Teddy Face with Low Ears

GS14 - Pomeranian (Boo Style)

GS15 - Grooming The Spitz

GS16 - Grooming The Labradoodle

Breed Specific (BS)

 BS1 - Scottish Terrier with Stacey Sullivan

BS2 - Westie, Schnauzer and Cairn Terrier with Cathy Scotton


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May's Webinar 

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