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Premium members will enjoy the benefits of certainty with all our schedule tutorials price capped @ $60. Huge savings for the following GS abd BS tutorials


GS5 Bichon Heads AU$150. 

GS6 Mushroom Heads AU$180

GS9 Figure 8 Heads AU$120

GS10 Teddy Head for Shih Tzus AU$50

GS11 Teddy Head for Cavoodles AU$165

GS12 Grooming Spaniels AU$150

GS13 Teddy Low Ears AU$150

GS14 Bo Style AU$100

GS15 Grooming The Spitz AU$120

GS16 Grooming The Labradoodle AU$120


BS1 Scottish Terrier with Stacy Sullivan AU$125

BS2 Terrier Heads with Mrs Cathy Scotton AU$145




Exclusive Offer to Premium members

AU$150.00 Regular Price
AU$60.00Sale Price
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