We offer small group training to help you become your best self 

Our instructor May Wong work with a wide range of groomers to enhance their grooming to the next level.


May can also tailor grooming programs to meet your specific needs, ensuring that the experience is not only rewarding but also satisflying.


Benefits of Private Training

Personal training is a great choice in helping you achieve your goals.

Our instructor May Wong will help you achieve your goals below


May is able to offer a wealth of knowledge from her professional education and experience within the industry. They will remove the guesswork, allowing you to focus on accomplishing your goals.

Correct Techniques

May will ensure you are grooming with the correct technique, limiting your risk of errors in your groom. 

Individual Attention

Everyone is unique. Your grooming, experience or goals, likes and dislikes will allow May to create a grooming plan which is specific to your needs. 

May will allow you to become confident with how to achieve the perfect finishing groom, using tools and scissors and you are ready to tackle the day to day salon grooming on your own.

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Training Options

We have programs to suit your needs where our instructor is at the forefront for you, offering lessons including Teddy Bear Styling foundation, Body & Legs, Head Styling, Advanced Head Styling.

These programs are designed to help you achieve your best results. 

Whatever your goal is our fabulous trainer, May can help guide you there. 


Next Private Training Classes 

7 - 11th Feb 2022

16 -20th May 2022 

8-12th Aug 2022 

7 - 11th Nov 2022